Winners of the inaugural France Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) announced

Dec 2, 2022News

Winners of the first-ever France OSPAs – sponsored by Team Software – were revealed at an awards ceremony at the last ASIS France chapter event of 2022 on Thursday 1st December 2022. The award of the France OSPAs and was followed by a cocktail reception.

The independent awards were launched in France this year to recognise companies, people, and initiatives that make a significant contribution to the French security sector.   The judges were selected by the leading security associations in France, they all signed up to an ethics policy and they all declared any conflict of interest on every mark sheet.

Professor Martin Gill, founder of the OSPAs (which currently runs in 15-countries) said:

“We are delighted by the interest we received especially in this first year.  These awards are different as they serve to recognise the whole industry; they are independent and are run on strict ethical principles creating a level playing for all. I would especially like to thank Nicolas Le Saux for helping to organise these awards”

“The judging panel had no easy task in assessing the entries, and all those that have been selected as a winner should feel very proud”

The 2022 winners are:

Responsable/directeur de la sécurité interne hors pair
Alexandre Beaufour – IDEMIA

Initiative exceptionnelle de la police ou des forces de l’ordre
Système d’analyse prédictive de prévention – Général Patrick Perrot – Gendarmerie Nationale

Jeune professionnel de la sécurité hors pair
Nassim El Makki – UNIPROTECT

Excellence pour l’ensemble d’une carrière
Président Gilles Charbonnier

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